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Friday, January 12, 2018

Starcrawler - Record Release at Amoeba Music 1/11/18

You know the days of stumbling across a flyer or poster of a band and thinking twice about it seem few and far between these days. It takes a lot to garner a second look,
and then again it can be so simple. It was only last week I was in Amoeba Music on
Sunset Blvd. On the way out I noticed the poster advertising their in-store performance/
record release for the week ahead. It wasn’t any impressive artwork or over the top image of the band that was displayed on that particular promotional material, but yet it was enough to have me make a mental note to look it up on my phone later that night.
I had a hunch, and I was right. Much in the same way of how as a kid I would have
certain instincts when it came to picking out records. Ironic how the members of Starcrawler appear to be kids. I’m sure they have their drivers license.
So, the first thing I actually looked up was on YouTube, their video for a song off their debut on Rough Trade titled “I Love LA.” The clip captured excitement, I like them already. All the more reason to learn a bit more. I then find out Ryan Adams produced the record. Now I like them more. I then watch a live performance, and singer Arrow de Wilde is like a crazed mix of Iggy Pop meets Alice Cooper. Now I’m sold.
I caught the band’s record release show at Amoeba this evening. The guys in the band are on stage, while some dude ushers  Arrow up the aisle like she’s just
escaped from the loony bin, straightjacket included. She’s spaztic, as is guitarist Henri Cash, who emits his own demonic expressions. Arrow however seems more possessed. And I swear she has the longest arms you’ve ever seen.
Purchase of the record came with a 7” of “I Love LA.” Another gold star for the band for having its B-side produced by Steve McDonald of Redd Kross.
Los Angeles hasn’t had a band to champion since ages ago. Its about time the city gave birth to something exciting and in your face again. Starcrawler is that.

Monday, January 1, 2018

L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Joey C. Jones - New Years Eve at The Whisky

To the ol’ stomping grounds we go. I hadn’t been back to The Whisky since 1991. New Years Eve, being back in L.A., good friends, and rock ‘n roll gave me all the more reasons to put to bed a not so great year, and welcome in 2018 with fun & celebration.

Joey C. Jones remembers his Sweet Savage days on the Strip, as do I. They were stars, he still is. The nights set was his solo band ripping through a fast pace of uptempos. Closing it out with “Wait All Night” from his Gloryhounds record, and an appropriate cover of the Slade classic “When The Lights Are Out.” Joey is always at his best when the pop melodies shimmer. We also caught up and a new podcast interview with the man will be up later this month. Never a shortage of stories to tell.

Faster Pussycat took the stage at 10pm. Solid and sounding great. There’s something about hearing those songs live, tunes that are so familiar like “Babylon,” “Bathroom Wall,” “Slip Of The Tongue,” being delivered with that raucousness, that you can’t help but get pulled into, and enjoy every minute of it. Does Taime slither around stage like he used to? No, but even with his godfather mafioso type stature, he’s compelling.

The headliners were next, everyone excited for a new year, and for L.A. Guns to take the stairs and walk on that stage. All smiles from Phil & Tracii throughout, you could tell they were really enjoying themselves. Phil joked about when the band played The Whisky in the 1800’s. All kidding aside, he’s aged well, and still performs with the purpose of making sure you’ve had a good time. As the countdown was nearing, they played on until a minute to go. Complementary champagne flutes at the bar for those who wanted a toast. Their lady friends joining them onstage for a smooch. Of course there would be no traditional “May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot” song that you’d hear once the ball drops, so their other guitar man - Michael Grant took center to do a nice rendition of “Purple Rain” in replace of.

Much like Faster, it’s those songs like “Electric Gypsy,” “Sex Action,” that remind you of when you got into the band, and how that voice or that guitar player is its signature.
The evening for me was a nod to the past, but more about the appreciation for now.
I somehow think the bands that played this show would think the same of themselves.
Bring on the new year, rock ‘n roll my glitter gurus!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Full Sleeve movie

If you've been wondering why there hasn't been a recent podcast in months, Full Sleeve has taken up the majority of my time. Do you love films as much as music? Do you like your films to be edgy with rock n roll type swagger? Full Sleeve is the film for you. We just launched an online campaign to further the adventure along. You can become involved! Click here to find out how.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nashville Rock N Pod Expo

Saturday, Aug 26 marked the 1st podcast expo of its kind dedicated to all things hard rock. Headed by Chris Czynszak and Aaron Camaro of 'cast Decibel Geek. The expo featured Q&A from record producers, artists, and fellow podcasters alike, including Talking Metal (pictured) and The Great Albums.  Panel discussion followed with Walter Egan, and Gunnar Nelson discussing high's and low's of their career, in which Gunnar summed up rather well with a quote from his father who once said "a career is a series of comebacks." A handful of vendors selling their used vinyl collections were also on hand to round out the Nashville RocknPod Expo. Next year... Glambone panel?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

GB MARCH 2017 - Charlie Overbey

Charlie Overbey and I go way back. We
met when I was doing the magazine in my
early teens, although it was his former band
mate Keri Kelli that I first befriended, it wasn't
long after meeting the singer when we would
start to hang out quite a bit. Tracking down all
you can eat sushi buffets, or hitting up shops
on Melrose, and countless after show parties,
Charlie was always one of the coolest cats
in Hollywood to hang with.
So why didn't I tell him all these years that
I'm the guy behind Glambone? Why did Sean
Penn fuck with his brother Michael Douglas in
The Game by nearly driving him to jump off the
top of a building for his birthday present?
After a couple decades, I probably ran into
Charlie once or twice. But it wasn't until a few
weeks ago, earlier this year when I actually had
him on the phone for a proper catch up.
I was pleased to learn about the forthcoming
record. It's a collection of songs Charlie says
is his most mature and accomplished writing
to date. A preview I heard of the track "Slip
Away" features vocals from my friend and wonderful
songstress Miranda Lee Richards. Songs like
this is something Charlie pictured himself doing
when he's sixty. But the time felt right for it now,
instead of fighting it. As Charlie said, "some people
have said this record sounds like Nick Cave in
Nashville in the 70's, some people have said it
sounds like early Steve Earl, and some people said
it sounds like Charlie Overbey." One can
not argue with that. The man has found his voice.
Glambone being Glambone, of course we ask him
about his days screeching in Big Bang Babies. We
also uncover the scoop on his side business Lone
Hawk Hats.
Listen to the podcast interview here.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

ATL Nights - Down South Playboy Playoffs

It was a rock fest in Atlanta this past weekend 1/14/17 at Star Bar. So why am I singing "at the rock fight, tonight there's gonna be a rock fight" from Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke? It was not a battle of the bands, no - more like a celebration of bands. Billed as Down South Playboy Playoffs, of the highlights was Wyldlife from NY, emanating high energy from the get go. The band is releasing their new record this month titled "Out on Your Block." Tuk from the Biters produced it. Check out the track "Teenage Heart." You'll be glad you did.
Speaking of the man, Tuk was serving up slices of vinyl all night long, Cheap Trick, Petty, T-Rex, Plimsouls, Sweet... and on it went. He also joined the band on stage for the finale.
This is a rock n roll city. Thank you Atlanta, and goodnight.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Think of Nashville, and Country Music comes to mind, and Hot Chicken, or the TV show of the same name. It's a city that's growing fast. A city with pockets of little scenes. A number of cool music venues and record shops that you can count on one hand. So where's the cool rock 'n roll bands? Enter: The Tip. Four dudes walkin' and talkin' it, just like how they were raised, on doses of AC/DC and Aerosmith. Oh, and the singer, Benny Carl likes to fish. He's got a boat. Anthony Bourdain should've hooked up him and the band on his recent Parts Unknown episode in Nashville last year. They could've gone out on the lake, caught some, and then fried up some catfish. The Tip is real rock 'n roll, that good time stuff. Listen to this months podcast here and meet the boys. Glambone also has vinyl copies and cds of the bands new release "Sailors Grave" to give away. All you have to do is join me on Instagram or LIKE the new Glambone page on Facebook, and tell me why you like The Tip.