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Saturday, March 4, 2017

GB MARCH 2017 - Charlie Overbey

Charlie Overbey and I go way back. We
met when I was doing the magazine in my
early teens, although it was his former band
mate Keri Kelli that I first befriended, it wasn't
long after meeting the singer when we would
start to hang out quite a bit. Tracking down all
you can eat sushi buffets, or hitting up shops
on Melrose, and countless after show parties,
Charlie was always one of the coolest cats
in Hollywood to hang with.
So why didn't I tell him all these years that
I'm the guy behind Glambone? Why did Sean
Penn fuck with his brother Michael Douglas in
The Game by nearly driving him to jump off the
top of a building for his birthday present?
After a couple decades, I probably ran into
Charlie once or twice. But it wasn't until a few
weeks ago, earlier this year when I actually had
him on the phone for a proper catch up.
I was pleased to learn about the forthcoming
record. It's a collection of songs Charlie says
is his most mature and accomplished writing
to date. A preview I heard of the track "Slip
Away" features vocals from my friend and wonderful
songstress Miranda Lee Richards. Songs like
this is something Charlie pictured himself doing
when he's sixty. But the time felt right for it now,
instead of fighting it. As Charlie said, "some people
have said this record sounds like Nick Cave in
Nashville in the 70's, some people have said it
sounds like early Steve Earl, and some people said
it sounds like Charlie Overbey." One can
not argue with that. The man has found his voice.
Glambone being Glambone, of course we ask him
about his days screeching in Big Bang Babies. We
also uncover the scoop on his side business Lone
Hawk Hats.
Listen to the podcast interview here.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

ATL Nights - Down South Playboy Playoffs

It was a rock fest in Atlanta this past weekend 1/14/17 at Star Bar. So why am I singing "at the rock fight, tonight there's gonna be a rock fight" from Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke? It was not a battle of the bands, no - more like a celebration of bands. Billed as Down South Playboy Playoffs, of the highlights was Wyldlife from NY, emanating high energy from the get go. The band is releasing their new record this month titled "Out on Your Block." Tuk from the Biters produced it. Check out the track "Teenage Heart." You'll be glad you did.
Speaking of the man, Tuk was serving up slices of vinyl all night long, Cheap Trick, Petty, T-Rex, Plimsouls, Sweet... and on it went. He also joined the band on stage for the finale.
This is a rock n roll city. Thank you Atlanta, and goodnight.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Think of Nashville, and Country Music comes to mind, and Hot Chicken, or the TV show of the same name. It's a city that's growing fast. A city with pockets of little scenes. A number of cool music venues and record shops that you can count on one hand. So where's the cool rock 'n roll bands? Enter: The Tip. Four dudes walkin' and talkin' it, just like how they were raised, on doses of AC/DC and Aerosmith. Oh, and the singer, Benny Carl likes to fish. He's got a boat. Anthony Bourdain should've hooked up him and the band on his recent Parts Unknown episode in Nashville last year. They could've gone out on the lake, caught some, and then fried up some catfish. The Tip is real rock 'n roll, that good time stuff. Listen to this months podcast here and meet the boys. Glambone also has vinyl copies and cds of the bands new release "Sailors Grave" to give away. All you have to do is join me on Instagram or LIKE the new Glambone page on Facebook, and tell me why you like The Tip.



Saturday, December 24, 2016


Look what glam dragged in. GB returns with an all new holiday episode, so unwrap this present for some surprises. We start off with the art-glam stylings of David Devant & His Spirit Wife. Circa 1996, when Suede was coming up through the trash, My Life Story were getting suited and booted, and Nancy Boy checked into the deep sleep motel. "Cookie" savors Roxy here, for your pleasure and mine.
Rewind 8 years prior to the Sunset Strip as we unearth the band SOHO. They formerly went by the name of Radio City, guess they loved NYC, and rightfully so. The band delivered their demo to me at the time, containing only two songs - "Backstreet Lover" and a gem of a ballad that you'll hear now called "Captured." Not much else is known. Maybe they changed their name to Tribeca.
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016


It seems like Jean Beauvoir has seen and done it all.  An integral part of New York City’s rich music history of the 70’s with The Plasmatics.  One thing he’s most proud as he reflects on that band is “we transcended genre, transcended color, being a black bass player with a blonde mohawk in a band where things were really segregated for one thing I think was an important point of The Plasmatics.  When people left the show, it was something they’d never forget.” 
Then he goes solo with Drums Along The Mohawk, which might’ve thrown his fans for a loop, but clearly proved he had ambitions beyond punk.  “This thing of black artists only doing R&B, I didn’t believe in that.  Even the blonde mohawk kind of played this racelessness opinion that I had in something I wanted to portray,” he says.  Soon after,
bands like King’s X, Living Color, Dan Reed Network all emerged.  Jean believes he helped pave that road.
Find out the details of how his collaborations with Paul Stanley came to be.  Songwriting still at the core of Jean’s work, recently reaching a #1 last year on Billboard’s world chart with Korean recording artist Jonghyun.
Hear what else is in store for him in this info packed interview.  Download it here.