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Saturday, January 1, 2011

GB23 (Joe Normal interview, Head On, Precious Metal)

Have you made your New Year’s resolution to wear more eyeliner than the year before?  Glambone has.  We’re kicking off 2011 with GB23, starting it up with Head On.  A band from San Francisco that recently had their 25 year reunion show back in August last summer.  The song
spotlighted is “Heard It On The Radio.”  A tune that brings to mind similarity to Off Broadway.  Hey, maybe Head On was another band Chip & Donnie clusterfucked into lifting a few ideas from as well.
Glambone brings yet another exclusive interview this month, in the form of Joe Normal.  He discusses the fallout that led to The Zeros demise when Danny was kicked out.  “We kinda just realised at that point that the whole chemistry of the band had got fucked up.  It just didn’t feel like it was worth it to go on with the current line up without Danny ‘cause he was such a big part of the chemistry of those four guys known as The Zeros.”  Joe talks about the new band Cold Blue Rebels featuring himself along with Danny Dangerous, Mickey Finn of Jetboy, and ex-Glamour Punks drummer Spaz Draztik.
As a highlight companion to the interview, put on your purple Converse high tops as we flashback to a live Roxy gig of The Zeros in
their prime.  A bootleg that I personally dubbed from the audience.

We also check out a track from Joe's new band Cold Blue Rebels.

It’s a double header Doucheband brawl as Ana Black goes toe to toe with Jim Gillette’s old band Slut.  Michael Angelo is in the corner carrying the spit bucket.

As we enter the new year, keep chasing the stars, as Lizzie Grey once said.  If you’ve checked out Glambone’s YouTube channel then you know the version of the song “Chasing Rainbows” that Blackie
Lawless sang on in one of the early incarnations of the band London.
Lizzie tried to give life to this song a number of times.  It later resurfaced on his debut Ultra Pop record, and then again would find a
home on the 1990 self titled Precious Metal release.  It’s the 3rd one here that we dust off the glitter on.  Singer Leslie Knauer’s addlibbed vocal at the end of the choruses makes me think of Joan Jett’s “Hold Me,” which isn’t a bad thing at all.  One thing for certain is this song has legs.  Lizzie, 4th time’s the charm maybe?

Dream a glitter dream

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