GB21 by glambone

Saturday, August 1, 2009

GB9 (Mark Slaughter, Rozzi Lane, Semi Precious Weapons)

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The hot August nights, and summer days continue with roses in bloom and lipstick red kisses. Kicking off the podcast this month with Roz Parade. The band (pictured right) was Mark Slaughter’s effort after 2 self-released licorice pizzas by Xcursion. The demo by Roz Parade saw Mark and his
group taking a close look at what was going on a few hours away in L.A. and applying that to the dead end desert scene of Las Vegas. Legend has it that it was this demo featuring the track spotlighted here “In Your Dreams” that found its way into the hands of Dana Strum, who wanted Mark for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion before Robert
Fleishman got on board. But apparently there was no contact info on
the tape Mark had circulated, but somehow miraculously they

crossed paths again. Yeah, sure.

It’s a fight to the finish to see who reigns supreme in being the biggest doucheband of the month. Rozzi Lane (left) vs. Syanide Kick (right).

Steevi Jaimz is back with an all new release called My Private Hell. He’s enlisted a team of Swede’s to produce the record. “Don’t Say It’s
Over” offers up a crisp guitar driven onslaught and ABBA-esque background vocal assault.
Take a flashback to the DJ DJ Battle Of The Bands, an L.A. only experience during the late 80’s. But don’t ask me for movie tickets cuz you aint gonna get shit.

Before Darling Cruel lost their cool, there was Gregory Darling on the L.A. scene in 1984 then known as Greg Clewley. His band Antix (pictured with chicks) put out an EP produced by Don Dokken and mr. sideman Jeff Pilson. “Days Gone By” shows just how great of a rock singer he is, or would’ve been,
had he stayed MET’TAIL!!!!!!
1987 saw yet another indie released EP by a pack of L.A. glamsters. Tramp was a band that couldn’t get a decent gig to save their
They did the right thing by putting out “A Nite Out,” but instead of
trying to make a buck with it, they shoulda strickly just handed out copies instead of flyers to get people to come out to the shows.

People like free shit.

Keeping glam alive is a band from NYC called Semi Precious Weapons (pictured right).
If you take other New York glam like Fischerspooner and toss it together with Hedwig & The Angry Inch, then you’ll get an idea of what
these guys are about. Androgeny, bi-friendly, and amped up rock n rollas.