GB21 by glambone

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Great to see these guys after so long. Pretty Boy Floyd, last night in Pasadena.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Party In Hollywood/Blackboard Jungle reunion 6/1/18

Just having a good time. Blackboard Jungle giving Hollywood rockers a reason to reminisce and party on the Sunset Strip like it was 1989. The band conducted its annual show at Viper Room on Friday, June 1st, 2018.  Swingin' Thing did the opening honors and performed all the faves you'd expect, "Groove Of Love," "Let's Do It With The Lights On."
Blackboard took stage with its finest gem, Kenny raising the question of what he might've found - if he went to Chicago. The answer, it doesn't matter, you found it in Hollywood man - friends that have your back and a band that people support and love. Some LA scenesters made guests appearances, Dazzle from Stars From Mars joined the band on stage. Later in the night, Charlie Overbey who you all know from BBB did a country-esque version of Bon Jovi's "Bed Of Roses," that only Charlie can pull off.
A stellar night, two great bands continuing the tradition, and keeping Sunset Strip alive.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

GBThrills2018 - Interview with Jimmy Thrill

Some bands leave a mark, some continue to. Jimmy thrill is a brother, someone I relate to. He keeps going, keeps finding ways to do new things, and acheive goals. No one is gonna tell him different. You know it when you see it, and the first time I saw Jimmy was when I was a young teen visiting L.A. and just starting to do Rockstar Magazine. A trip to British Imports Rock and a number of records stores on Hollywood Blvd., I picked up my first copy of LA Rocks. Of course all of these shops were littered with flyers and street rags of bands playing the Strip. As a kid and a music lover, I was blown away at how many bands existed in one city. In those pages, one guy in particularly really stood out. That guy for me was Jimmy Thrill, and its because it wasn’t put on, his hair wasn’t sprayed up ten miles high, he wasn’t over doing any of it, instead, it came across authentically. Cool as can be.
I was fortunate to be there at that time and saw his band Rattlesnake Shake at The Roxy, on a bill with Electric Angels and Faster Pussycat. I bootlegged that show, tape recorder in pocket, because I knew I was going to capture something great.  The moment happened as soon as the band launched into “Shooting Daggers.” That song still fucking rocks today. And boy was Jimmy a performer.
Throughout the years we’ve gotten to be good friends. We’ve talked many times about doing projects together - start a record label, produce bands, make movies.
A number of years ago, I told Jimmy I had written a screenplay, without missing a beat he said “I’ve written one too, send me yours I’ll send mine.” Next thing I know, Jimmy was on a plane, and we met in Vegas.  We hung out poolside, trading stories. Fast forward a couple years , a couple screenplays later, and I had optioned a script and in the pursuit of trying to attach A List talent to the project. The status remained at a stand still.
Meanwhile, Jimmy was plotting away. He said to me one day “fuck it, I’m just gonna get a camera and do it my way.” And he did. He’s a hustler.
When his film was complete, I was one of the first people Jimmy sent the movie to, to screen before anyone else.
The result is a highly enjoyable rock n roll ride. Think of those after hours, midnight flics.
What’s it about - essentially it’s kinda about Jimmy’s life, but if he had made it in the  80’s. A rockstar trying to make a comeback, but totally out of sync with the times. It tackles the absurdities of fame, addictions. But for all its rock n roll swagger, it is not misogynistic. There’s comedy relief, and kick ass music. In the end, you’re rooting for his character Jonny Coyle to make that comeback. In real life, I’m rooting for my friend Jimmy to get this film sold.
“Shooting Daggers,” his epic Rattlesnake Shake song finds its way into the story as the defining song of Jonny Coyle’s career. Thrill sees the humor, he can poke fun at himself. Off The Record is also about guys our age that are still fucking creative and have the drive for adventure.
Listen to the adventure here in this all new podcast interview with Jimmy.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Starcrawler - Record Release at Amoeba Music 1/11/18

You know the days of stumbling across a flyer or poster of a band and thinking twice about it seem few and far between these days. It takes a lot to garner a second look,
and then again it can be so simple. It was only last week I was in Amoeba Music on
Sunset Blvd. On the way out I noticed the poster advertising their in-store performance/
record release for the week ahead. It wasn’t any impressive artwork or over the top image of the band that was displayed on that particular promotional material, but yet it was enough to have me make a mental note to look it up on my phone later that night.
I had a hunch, and I was right. Much in the same way of how as a kid I would have
certain instincts when it came to picking out records. Ironic how the members of Starcrawler appear to be kids. I’m sure they have their drivers license.
So, the first thing I actually looked up was on YouTube, their video for a song off their debut on Rough Trade titled “I Love LA.” The clip captured excitement, I like them already. All the more reason to learn a bit more. I then find out Ryan Adams produced the record. Now I like them more. I then watch a live performance, and singer Arrow de Wilde is like a crazed mix of Iggy Pop meets Alice Cooper. Now I’m sold.
I caught the band’s record release show at Amoeba this evening. The guys in the band are on stage, while some dude ushers  Arrow up the aisle like she’s just
escaped from the loony bin, straightjacket included. She’s spaztic, as is guitarist Henri Cash, who emits his own demonic expressions. Arrow however seems more possessed. And I swear she has the longest arms you’ve ever seen.
Purchase of the record came with a 7” of “I Love LA.” Another gold star for the band for having its B-side produced by Steve McDonald of Redd Kross.
Los Angeles hasn’t had a band to champion since ages ago. Its about time the city gave birth to something exciting and in your face again. Starcrawler is that.

Monday, January 1, 2018

L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Joey C. Jones - New Years Eve at The Whisky

To the ol’ stomping grounds we go. I hadn’t been back to The Whisky since 1991. New Years Eve, being back in L.A., good friends, and rock ‘n roll gave me all the more reasons to put to bed a not so great year, and welcome in 2018 with fun & celebration.

Joey C. Jones remembers his Sweet Savage days on the Strip, as do I. They were stars, he still is. The nights set was his solo band ripping through a fast pace of uptempos. Closing it out with “Wait All Night” from his Gloryhounds record, and an appropriate cover of the Slade classic “When The Lights Are Out.” Joey is always at his best when the pop melodies shimmer. We also caught up and a new podcast interview with the man will be up later this month. Never a shortage of stories to tell.

Faster Pussycat took the stage at 10pm. Solid and sounding great. There’s something about hearing those songs live, tunes that are so familiar like “Babylon,” “Bathroom Wall,” “Slip Of The Tongue,” being delivered with that raucousness, that you can’t help but get pulled into, and enjoy every minute of it. Does Taime slither around stage like he used to? No, but even with his godfather mafioso type stature, he’s compelling.

The headliners were next, everyone excited for a new year, and for L.A. Guns to take the stairs and walk on that stage. All smiles from Phil & Tracii throughout, you could tell they were really enjoying themselves. Phil joked about when the band played The Whisky in the 1800’s. All kidding aside, he’s aged well, and still performs with the purpose of making sure you’ve had a good time. As the countdown was nearing, they played on until a minute to go. Complementary champagne flutes at the bar for those who wanted a toast. Their lady friends joining them onstage for a smooch. Of course there would be no traditional “May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot” song that you’d hear once the ball drops, so their other guitar man - Michael Grant took center to do a nice rendition of “Purple Rain” in replace of.

Much like Faster, it’s those songs like “Electric Gypsy,” “Sex Action,” that remind you of when you got into the band, and how that voice or that guitar player is its signature.
The evening for me was a nod to the past, but more about the appreciation for now.
I somehow think the bands that played this show would think the same of themselves.
Bring on the new year, rock ‘n roll my glitter gurus!