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Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Glambone # Sixx (Tomorrow's Child, Cathouse)

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Six-pack of Glambone for ya, we start the show with the band Agent X.  In 1986 these guys came on the L.A. scene with th
e right mix of catchy hooks and great musicianship.
Featuring members Danny Simon who would later front Jailhouse, and Billy DeVette who went on to join Pair A Dice.  Agent X (pictured here) was better than most that year, but sadly could not keep it together.  The song spotlighted on the podcast is “Rock & Roll Angels.”
Following Agent X in the line of bands that should’ve got on to kick arse and elevate out

of the L.A. gutter was Cathouse.  A frontman in Clark James, possessing all the attitude and sexual swagger of Ian Astbury and Michael Hutchence all  rolled into one...sadly he would fall victim to the dope and not recover to earth.  “Candice” is the type of cinematic song that in a time filled with the same redundant G C D chord structured ballads, Cathouse was capable of writing sentimental songs that differed from the expected.

Next up in the “coulda been huge” category is Tomorrow’s Child.  There really were no other L.A. bands during the mid to late 80
’s that resembled the sound of TC.  They had
class and a style more akin to
 The Church and bands of that nature, than anything to 
do with the bands they shared
gigs with.  Their singer Adam was explosive on stage, commanding your attention and controlling the mood and intensity of the crowd. Swallowed up by the label execs that didn’t no squat about how to present a band like Tomorrow's Child (pictured left), they faltered like many have before and after them, due to the wrong people getting involved, and were over before they even be


We shine some light on another L.A. band from the same era known as Clara Bow (pictured right). Sleazy guitars and sing along chorus’ was what these guys were all about.  But they were gone faster than you could say Rocknee.
The podcast closes with yet another namestay on the L.A. scene circa 1980’s... the band Actress.  They put the glam in Glam, and wore it proudly as good showman 
do. The track featured is from an AOL fan compilation disc titled “Music From The Folder”
that paid tribute to their faves, Kiss.  Guitarist Ace Steele revs up a rendition of the
“Hotter Than Hell” classic “Got 2 Choose.”  
Pout hard.