GB21 by glambone

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GB10 (The Double O Zeros, 28if, Vain)

Into the early 90’s the lipstick went stale and the hairspray was mainly used to kills bugs by torching them on fire. But most 80’s glamsters
refused to part with their Clinique products, while some tried to unsuccessfully jump on whatever current bandwagon was trailing their
way. Jonathan Daniel prefered the later. Sometime after Electric Angels, he put together a side project known as The BelAirs. We take a listen on GB10 to the track “Tattooed Angel From Punk Rock Heaven.”

When talking about the wave of glam punk bands that emerged since the 80’s on into the present, those who don’t give credit to Sammy Serious are just a bunch of douchebags. The man is a cult hero. End of story. Thankfully he’s released his own CD compilations of past material while still recording and putting out the new stuff. “Famous," a track from the early Double O’ Zeros days has been remastered and can be found now to order or download online. A two and a half minute slab of wonderously witty and immediately ear-catching melody that would certainly get approval from Elvis Costello and a wink from above by Joey Ramone.

Times Square was a band from Phoenix, Arizona. And although they were the big fish in the little pond back home, selling out the clubs and landing some national press, had they moved to L.A. when bands like
Poison were settling in, their story may have been a different one. They looked better than anyone...especially guitarist Shannon who was known to slick back and grease one side of his hair in tribute to his idol Elvis Presley. Times Square had a different approach. A sleaze factor with a slinkyness that would’ve made the first Faster Pussycat record seem like a welfare case.

At the end of the 90’s Tommy Thayer still at crossroads between being Gene’s gopher and being his own boss, formed his own record label and released the band 28if (pictured right). Produced by Tommy, we feature the track

The podcast closes with an unreleased track from Vain. Before the release of their debut “No Respect,” the song “Far Away” from their demo shows yet another glimpse of a band that put their stamp on their own sound in offering up more than just one side of their style.
They didn’t keep it up though... each record afterward seems to have been more disoriented than the next... to the point of not even knowing how many records they’ve put out total now. They were holding all the aces at one point maybe yeah, but they went with a royal flush down the toilet since then.

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