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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GB22 (Tommy Gunn interview, Taz, Warrant)

Glitter bells, glitter bells, glitter all the way...oh what fun it is to put on eyeliner today.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Glambone!  Are you ready for it?  Well, someone’s ready for you, as K.K. from Taz anthemized on their very first demo from 1986 when the band wore their glam stylings to the max.  Yes, the band progressed after that, and who could blame them for stretching their creativity.  “Desert Dog Night” from their last recordings is as equally captivating as any of their glam gems.  But enuff about the changes, let’s celebrate the glam that once was and is forever kissed and sealed with lipstick.

We are pleased to bring you another exclusive interview.  This month shines on legendary NYC club promoter Tommy Gunn.  The man behind the metal years of the Cat Club.  He’s full of great stories and recollections of the early days of club culture in New York during the 70’s and 80’s. 

“Max’s (Kansas City) on the other hand was totally different, it was more of a low key rock ‘n roll hang out.  You would hang out at the bar and you’d always have this feeling like something’s about to happen.  Somebody cool’s gonna walk in, or something’s about to break.  People would walk in but at that point it was like oh that’s only Joey Ramone, or that’s only Blondie, or that’s Andy Warhol.  You’re like, okay something’s gonna happen, and you want to be part of it.  But you don’t realise until many years later it was happening around you and you were waiting for something else to happen.”
Tommy tells us briefly about the book he’s writing, his autobiography.
As he’s sent a couple of chapters to Glambone already, I can only tell you that it is one entertaining ride that’s gonna keep you glued to the pages.  And I’ve read tons of these rockstar autobio’s... Tommy’s stories are stuff of rock ‘n roll dreams.  In his own words, Tommy says
“it is about an adventure in life that we all participated in one way or another.  If someone does not tell the story, one day it will not be even a memory, and no one will ever know what fun we had.”

One of the Cat Club regulars is featured on the ‘cast in the form of Roxx.  A personal favorite of Tommy Gunn’s at the time.  “Give Up Your Heart” is straight outta the TNT “Intuition” meet’s Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet” book of rock.  Fit for the arena’s for sure.  It’s a catchy song, with solid production that tips the hat to the aforementioned records.  Gotta smile for the sax solo, a task that only east coast and UK bands seem to properly pull off.

What’s an episode without “Doucheband of the Month?”  Um... we’d rather not know.  Find out who’s crap is served up on a silver platter this time around.

Special shout out to Katja from Norway, for winning the Pharoah “Rocksville Station” contest.  Visor Boy is on his way!

The podcast closes with a 1987 demo track from Warrant.  It’s one of those semi-ballads that Jani did oh so well.  “Only A Man” is the track,
what...was Jani listening to Kiss’ The Elder way too much and thinking how he could put a spin on “Just A Boy?”  Or was he just keeping in line with his “Heaven” and “Sometime She Cries” type numbers?  Either way, two words for you Jani: Plain Jane.  Time to resurrect.

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'twas the night before glam...