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Thursday, April 1, 2010

GB17 Glam Goes Pop! (20/20, Monsters Are Waiting, Melody Club)

April fools on those looking for your regular dose of lipstick pouting Hollywood rockers.  Glam goes pop in this episode.  Need not worry, you’ll find plenty of commonality that runs a thread through these bands and what you usually fancy.  Download the podcast here
We kick it all off with the band 20/20.  They made their name on the Hollywood scene in 1977.  Catchy songs like “Nuclear Boy” & “Yellow Pills.”  We take a listen to the later.  Note the vocal stylings that certainly rubbed off on Enuff Z’Nuff.

Sure the L.A. circuit dried up in the early 90’s...but there will always be bands hailing from sunny California, no matter what the current wave is.  In 2006 the band Monsters Are Waiting put forth their debut indie release, combining British elements and danceable grooves lined with silky cute girl vocals. The podcast spotlights the opening track, “Last Goodbye.”

During a time when music needed a serious kick up its own arse, a band from Oklahoma of all places stood apart. Appealing to many genres, they depressingly got lost in bins of college
rock.  Chainsaw Kittens singer Tyson Meade’s influences were firmly rooted in Bowie, T-Rex, the Dolls, and Cheap Trick.  “Pop Heiress Dies”
is a glorious tune from a record that was poised to put the band on the map.

Powerpop tunesmith Matthew Sweet in recent years has made records with the Bangles Susanna Hoffs, among others.  We go back to his early solo records and present the track “Vixen.”  Is it a song about Roxy Petrucci’s nice looking bum?  Hmm...

Another band from the land of ABBA comes in the form of Melody Club (pictured in front of automobile).  If the Ark had a band of brothers, it would be these guys.
Although they mix synths with crunchy guitars, they look like they’d sound more sleazy than they actually do.  They craft great melodies with ultra polished production.  “Where Do I Belong” is addictive stuff.

The podcast closes with a classic from The Flamin’ Groovies.  Michael Monroe did a great job covering it on his Nights Are So Long album and keeping it true to the original, yet putting his stamp all over it. From the Groovies 1976 release of the same name, here’s the title track “Shake Some Action.”

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