GB21 by glambone

Monday, June 1, 2009

GB7 Summer episode (Aeriel Stiles, Taz, Joey C. Jones)

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In the words of Alice, “School’s Out,” it’s party time, summertime, and we kick it off
with a glam stomper from Taz. “She Does Bad Things Good” shows these L.A. boys
frolicking through their make-up case to give us a strip club anthem, 1987 style.
Tropicana’s where I lost my heart, but it’s also where Taz would later loose their
glitter for denim, and would later sport a more street appeal when they released the
Japanese cd “Cold Shoulder.” Even their logo looked cool & glam back then before

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Spotlight on the track “We Go Rocking,” the song that was at the center of controversy
once the cat dragged it in.

Having two lead singers in the same band wasn’t common ground for glam bands at
the time. In 1988 the band The Brats had the right idea of doing something a lil bit
different. An approach that worked for their harmony-infused poppyness. But after
less than a year of monthly gigs without reaching headline status, they under went a
change by ditching one of the singers and revamping themselves as a more darker
goth inspired outfit.

YouTube has videos of Crue’s early Starwood performances floating around. But they failed to include one of the highlights from their set from back in the day. Glambone brings you thier live cover of the Rasberries classic “Tonight,” from the Starwood.

Most glamsters know the name Joey C. Jones (pictured here in all his crimped hair glory) from the band Sweet Savage. Not much is known about the band he put together once he left L.A. to return to Texas at the start of the 90’s. Shock Tu was the name, and we uncover one of the
gems from that period in the form of “Late Last Evening.”

The show closes where summer begins. Aeriel Stiles (pictured here with Flying V) gives us the track “Summer Love.” A song from his catalog when he was writing for Pretty Boy Floyd.

Until next time, make sure your lipgloss has sunblock spf 90.