GB21 by glambone

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Joey C. Jones could have easily been one of those names spoken in the same sentence alongside Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, Jani Lane, when talking about L.A. rock n' roll frontmen.  He had all the labels approaching him and his former bands.  Enigma, Atlantic, Warners, producers like Tom Werman wanting to work with him.  His story is one of those crazy rock n' roll rides where one silly mistake or bad management led to heartache.  In this podcast he discusses the sweet little victories of Sweet Savage..."selling out 2500 seat rooms all over the Southwest just based on our promo photos" he tells us.  And how Gene Simmons was the first guy to approach them for his start up label Simmons Records.  But there are some glories along the way... co-writing and records 10 songs with Rick Neilsen and Robin Zander is not a bad thing.  Hell, it's a great thing.  And Joey is getting ready to finally release the record that's been in the vaults.  Saturday night, March 5th, Joey will have a live stream of a show featuring his band Shock Tu, playing to a 5000 capacity crowd in Texas.  Check his site for further info.  Right now, this Spring episode awaits.  Download the interview here.