GB21 by glambone

Sunday, February 14, 2016

GB FEB 2016 - Interview w/KK of TAZ

Practically every musician we’ve interviewed on Glambone has remained being a musician in some form.  But what happened to all the Sunset Strip bands that reigned supreme that never went on to great heights beyond a local level?  Do they still yearn for that time, is there bitterness about not making it, how many have gotten out of music completely?  Taz seemed poised to contend with any major label act at the time.  But after the band called it quits, for their singer KK, that was basically the end of the pursuit.  He says “Taz was it for me, those guys were my brothers, we went to battle.  Taz was there for a short amount of time, in an era that was awesome to be part of.  When I left, I couldn’t see again being on stage with anyone else, it wouldn’t have been in my heart, I just couldn’t do it.”  And while he can own those words now, he’s ok with that.  Life has taken him on another journey.  Listen on to hear his story.  It’s a Glambone episode about the good times before and after.  Download it here.