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Saturday, May 1, 2010

GB18 (The Biters, Electrik, Ghost Of Lovers)

Ready to get your toes burried in the sand?  GB18 heats up and brings a track to you from the demo vaults of L.A. band Electrik.  These guys carried over the Sunset Strip party into the 90’s.  Whenever the band played “Sunshine And Rollerskates” live, they would come out on stage wearing their skates and shimmy around like they were cruising the boardwalk.

The Vamps originated in Baltimore in the 80’s, with a sound more akin to the new wave/rock n roll mix of The Alarm.  It’s founding members Jimi K. Bones and Johnny Vance would later head to NYC where they re-made themselves as a sleazy GNR inspired outfit known as Skin & Bones.  We uncover the track “Don’t Go” by The Vamps.

In our “Gem of the Month” segment, former Exboyfriends member Paul Ciconne brings to us a track from the band Tommi & The Love Tribe (pictured above).

Glambone’s infamous “Doucheband of the Month” battle continues, as we expose Syren (how doucheband is it if ya gotta spell siren with a Y?!) and the band Shame, that not even Gene Simmons could help save.

In a time when everything seems to have been done already, it’s hard sometimes to get excited about a new band.  But there’s reason to be thankful for rock n roll again, with a band from Atlanta, GA called The Biters (pictured right).  Not only do they proudly profess their love for being influenced by the best of glam like classic Bowie, golden era Alice, Slade, and TRex, but instead of being a parody of those artists (as loads of bands tend to do), The Biters injects their own personality & serves up a platter of catchy gems with just the right amount of punk attitude.

The podcast closes with a band from the UK that loves their hairspray and Hanoi-tinged threads.  Ghost Of Lovers, with the track “Iona.”
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