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Saturday, March 4, 2017

GB MARCH 2017 - Charlie Overbey

Charlie Overbey and I go way back. We
met when I was doing the magazine in my
early teens, although it was his former band
mate Keri Kelli that I first befriended, it wasn't
long after meeting the singer when we would
start to hang out quite a bit. Tracking down all
you can eat sushi buffets, or hitting up shops
on Melrose, and countless after show parties,
Charlie was always one of the coolest cats
in Hollywood to hang with.
So why didn't I tell him all these years that
I'm the guy behind Glambone? Why did Sean
Penn fuck with his brother Michael Douglas in
The Game by nearly driving him to jump off the
top of a building for his birthday present?
After a couple decades, I probably ran into
Charlie once or twice. But it wasn't until a few
weeks ago, earlier this year when I actually had
him on the phone for a proper catch up.
I was pleased to learn about the forthcoming
record. It's a collection of songs Charlie says
is his most mature and accomplished writing
to date. A preview I heard of the track "Slip
Away" features vocals from my friend and wonderful
songstress Miranda Lee Richards. Songs like
this is something Charlie pictured himself doing
when he's sixty. But the time felt right for it now,
instead of fighting it. As Charlie said, "some people
have said this record sounds like Nick Cave in
Nashville in the 70's, some people have said it
sounds like early Steve Earl, and some people said
it sounds like Charlie Overbey." One can
not argue with that. The man has found his voice.
Glambone being Glambone, of course we ask him
about his days screeching in Big Bang Babies. We
also uncover the scoop on his side business Lone
Hawk Hats.
Listen to the podcast interview here.

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