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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GB - Tuk of July (Biters interview)

BITERS are leaving their mark everywhere.  They’ve been on a steady trajectory upward and this month sees the official label release of  “Electric Blood” on Earache
Records.  In this podcast episode, Tuk tells us about his hopes and dreams and also
the realities of what comes with the territory for a band like theirs.  From the beginning, The Biters had in place what most bands simply don’t...brotherhood.  A clear unity amongst each member that is more like a gang than anything else.  Tuk expresses his
gratitude for the many that wear the band’s logo on the back of their jackets, or that’ve tatted up their skin with an emblem of the band.  These are members of an Army.  People love this band.  If you don’t already, listen here to find out why you might too.
Most of all, what comes across vividly is that Tuk himself is a huge fan of music, and not afraid to let you know just what he digs, or cockblockin’ those influences to shine through in his own songs. This band certainly has a heart fulla rock ‘n roll.  One look at their new video for "Restless Hearts" says it all, it's like watching Richard Linklater's Dazed & Confused jam packed into a 3 minute 32 second song and dance.  This is the feeling I remember having when I was a kid, seeing a band that just embodies the epitome of cool.  They've captured that spirit.  Where's the fun in rock 'n roll?  I'll tell you where, it's where The Biters are. 

BITERS interview

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