GB21 by glambone

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GB5 (Roxanne, Whyte Lace)

Don’t be a fool, download the April podcast of Glambone right now. It’s chock full of aqua net super hold. Get it here from this trust worthy source:

Kicking off with a track from the L.A. band Roxanne. These guys released one album on the defunct Scotti Bros. label, and garnered much west coast airplay for their cover
of the Wild Cherry classic “Play That Funky Music.” The record can now be found on
iTunes. Vocalist for the band, Jamie Brown now runs a talent agency that is responsible
for bringing the cover bands of Boogie Nights and Metal Shop to Vegas revues and beyond.

If you blinked your eyes for a second in the beginning of the 90’s, chances are you went on by without noticing Snarlin’ Darlin’. The band featuring Cody (“let me think of a teen icon name as cool as Leif Garrett”) Jarrett as frontman, hired Chip Z’Nuff to helm the production. The track featured is “Doncha Come Round Here No More,” co-written by Doll/Pretty Boy Floyd main man Aeriel Stills. Apparently Cody (pictured left) has tried his hand at directing low budget films since then, with the arrival of Frog-g-g. Just look up the reviews online for it and one can sense that Scorsese is in no danger of losing his throne.

Let the ceremony begin as we give out the award this month to the biggest doucheband. This time Whyte Lace are the champions. Daddy’s money couldn’t buy them a record contract, but it did rent out their hometown’s ampitheatre to fly out record company execs from all the majors to witness them in action. Ulitmately the singer Jayce Tyner lost interest in the rock n roll lifestyle when his girlfriend got knocked up,
thus leaving Whyte Lace (pictured right) to unravel, despite national press that was buzzing their name.

We uncover an unreleased track from ex-Britny Fox man Dean Davidson. “Isn’t It Wrong” shows him trading in his Tom Keifer screech for the swagger of John Mellencamp.

The late 80’s L.A. scene saw lots of pretty boys still, but a group know as Moxxy Roxx (pictured here) was dead set on separating themselves from that crowd. With more of an underground
tone, and more in common with Coconut Teazer than Garrarri’s, these guys looked like
hippies that raided a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screening. Had they decided that L.A. was not the place to be, these guys could’ve easily been part of the alternative movement that was about to break through with bands like Smashing Pumpkins, etc. A few short years later. But no, people from Conneticut still thought Hollywood was where it was at. Pity.

Closing it out with a track from a UK band known as Gypsy Pistoleros. And yes, they do
sing in Spanish. These el mariachi’s will be performing at Rocklahoma this summer...
Line up your shots of tequila and cheers.