GB21 by glambone

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


If you think Mark Slaughter is a name to lump in with bands like Firehouse and the like of whomever else came late in the 80’s/early 90’s, think again.  With a 30+ year career as a recording artist, the man has earned his place in rock ‘n roll.  In this interview we backtrace his steps that got him here.  His band Roz Parade in 1985, living in Las Vegas and taking weekly trips into L.A. to absorb the scene, we learn of his audition with Rik Fox, which inevitably led to him meeting Dana Strum and his position with Vinnie Vincent Invasion.  The make-up was applied and boys are gonna rock, VVI was over-the-top glam.  Enter the days of Slaughter, “Stick It To Ya” was a record chock full of 3 1/2 minute gems.  Songs that weren’t released as singles like “Desperately,” “Gave You My Heart,” should have easily been singles.  Mark speaks out about the change in the music scene in the 90’s that wiped bands like his off the map.  And while his bandmates are moonlighting now as Vince Neil’s backup band, Mark retreated to his own project of making a solo record for the first time.  We chat about that and everything else in this podcast episode, you can listen or download it here.