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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GB Holiday/Anniversary (London, Michael Lockwood, The Young Offenders)

Put on your party hats and extra mascara for this one, it’s the one year anniversary of Glambone!  Turn on your “Radio Stars” for an early version late 70’s style from London.  We uncover another gem in the Sixx era Lizzie Grey saga.  Back in the days when Nikki was wearing his best Steven Tyler ensemble, which he’d later ressurect and improve upon for the Theatre Of Pain album, meanwhile Lizzie would take this very song and Crue-cify it for London’s “Non Stop Rock” LP.
While the quality of the tape preservation on this copy isn’t so hot, the song itself is classic L.A. glam, so naturally Glambone shares it with you to savor it all in spandex glory.

Michael Lockwood, a man with a collection of great guitars and equally great hats, kicked around the L.A. scene for a handful of years after the demise of Lions & Ghosts.  In the time before landing a spot playing with Aimee Mann, Michael recorded tracks for his own project by the name of The Light Bachwood Movement.  Wearing his influences on his sleeve, the podcast shines light on his song “Skin.”

We turn the attention over to 2 douchebands for our now infamous segment.  Both hailing from Los Angeles.  Give an ice cold welcome to Legs Up, and Lickity Split.

1987 saw lots of cool bands rival L.A. on the east coast.  Pharoah obviously heading the pack, but also from NJ was a five piece called Mystery City.  Not much is known about them, other than the 2 song demo they left behind.  Great sleazy vocals, double guitar attack with the right amount of phaser, and catchy melodies... the band had a sound that separated itself from everyone else.  But like their name evokes, they truly are a mystery.

When the film Velvet Goldmine came out, it was no small wonder that baby bands that studied their T-Rex and “Here Come The Warm Jets” record would soon sprout like roses in summertime.  Not all them smelled so pretty in 1998, some were gawd awful putrid.  But from the UK, one managed to ride the wave of Brian Slade just for a second. That band was The Young Offenders.  Mercury signed ‘em to a singles deal, and “Pink and Blue” was released just in time, before Christian Bale would get his next script for yet another rock n roll motion picture, Laurel Canyon.  The Young Offenders pouted it up doing their best Marc Bolan these shores have seen in a long time.

Speaking of 70’s glitter... one band just couldn’t help themselves and decided to take Bowie’s red headed gender bending alter ego, dropping
the Stardust and keeping the Ziggy.  From the land of Rock N Roll Crazy Nights, Ziggy was born.  Japan had their very own Michael Monroe clone in the form of its frontman Juichi Morishige (pictured right).  From the 1988 release “Hot Lips” we take a listen to “Born To Be Free.”

San Franciso had a healthy glam scene in the mid 80’s.  On the list of bands contributing to that cause was Nag Nag Nag (pictured above).  Full of raw power and hairspray, as proof on “Wish It Was,” these guys came to rock.

The podcast closes with L.A.’s Tommi Gunn.  A band that had a real good thing going for them, that of course until they sabotaged themselves by going public in music city rags annoucing they signed
a demo deal to MCA.  Complete with photographs of the band holding their contract with a shit grinning look on their face.  Who does that sort of thing?  A&R man Bret Hartman did an about face and signed Pretty Boy Floyd instead, most likely out of spite.  In the end, anyone associated with MCA is in the dumpster these days anyway, so who the fuck cares.  Tommi Gunn would later find another whammy when drummer Anthony Focx miraculously re-invented himself as (gasp) a guitar player and surfaced in the band Beautiful Creatures.  But back to 1987, the featured track “Just Wait And See,” a glammy “Just Got Lucky” anthem Dokken style if ever there was one.  Note, this was before the cursed MCA demo recordings.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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Sunday, November 1, 2009

GB12 (Dear Mr. President, Sparkler, Roxie 77)

From the confetti remains of Bang Bang, things got a whole lot more serious and interesting when singer Julian Raymond and CJ DeVillar left behind the poundcake and Juno’s and upped the ante by actually writing songs with substance instead of following trends.  Bang Bang was fluff.  Dear Mr. President was not.  From the opening lines of “Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested?” off thier debut, one could sense that this was not the same ol’ same ol’.  But in the classic case of label execs not knowing how to market a band like DMP (pictured above) back then, they simply were lost in the roster to the likes of Winger.  A great second album was recorded (produced by Mike Clink of “Appetite For Destruction” fame) that obviously never saw the light of day.
From that unreleased recording, the podcast offers up “Love Is Sounding Louder.”  Dear Mr. President was CHANGE we can believe in.

Lions & Ghosts were one of the unsung heroes of the mid 80’s L.A. scene.  Noted for the sophistication of their debut record that separated them from the pack of bands that rooted themselves in that BC Rich/Marshall sound, Lions & Ghosts opted for a more cleaner and
classier approach.  This quality stayed true when singer Rick Parker ventured out on his own and put together his next band, Sparkler.
They released one record in the 90’s... from that, we spotlight the track “I’ll Keep You Warm.”

It’s a hands down no contest as we look at this shows Doucheband of the Month, featuring Dagger (pictured here).

Shane, formerly of Electric Angels and The Loveless, sometime in the 90’s put together his own project which he called Blue Movie.  The tracks represent the singer settling comfortably into a more polished and refined sound.  A style that suited him wondrously.  A shame that nothing resulted from this recording, it remains unreleased.

It’s another installment of “Gem of the Month.”  Our featured guest this time around is the UK’s very own glam authority, Kelv Hellrazer (pictured with John Lennon specs).  He brings to us a track by the band Johnny & The Jaguars.

Another Electric Angels alumni finds his way on to the ‘cast.   Ryan Roxie’s band Roxie 77 recently released their latest, titled “Two Sides To Every Story.”  It’s the kinda record that has something for everyone on it.  “This Year” is a crisp English influenced modern pop tune.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

GB11 (Halloween Edition feat. Kid Rocker, Rattlesnake Shake, Wolfgang)


It’s a double feature this month. Starting off with an American Badass? Not talking about Tommy Lee’s arch ememy here,
Kid Rocker was a band on the L.A. scene from 1981 - 1984 featuring members Billy Dior and Desi Rexx who would later form D’Molls.

The band was on the verge of bright things... recording sessions with 
producer Eddie Kramer, but seemed to be a bit of a revolving door for guitar players, at various times hosting the six string spot to Ronnie Younkins, and C.C. Deville. C.C. would later push his way into being a full fledge member of Billy’s next project, Screaming Mimi’s.
The track featured here is from their ’82 session, “Slamn Romance,” which C.C. later hijacked and turned into “Fallen Angel” some
years later.

Like Taz before them, Rattlesnake Shake embarked on a mini Japanese tour and CD release thanks to Monster Productions. From the late 80’s the sonic appeal of this band lied somewhere between Guns N Roses and Jane’s Addiction, with a blonde superstar singer by the name of Jimmy Thrill. “Shooting Daggers” captures the attitude and street glam of the band.

We introduce a new segment to the show, “Gem of the Month,” in which a noted scenester/celebrity gives us his own personal pick worthy of “stumping the ‘Bone.” L.A. rocker Ace Steele of Actress
fame (pictured left) gives us a track from Steve Plunkett’s pre-Autograph band Wolfgang.

Some episode’s ago, a recent flashback to the DJ DJ Battle of the Bands exposed Dizzy Reed’s old band The Wild. They had a sleazy straight up rock n roll vibe with original vocalist Jonny back then.
Sometime between the usual Sunset Strip gigs and Dizzy joining up with GNR, The Wild cut a record with a cat named Todd Barone holding down the mic.

1986 saw the LP release from an L.A. band called Hyde (pictured right). Not to be confused with the Japanese Eyes Love You guy. This band leaned more toward the metal riffs, but found a common balance with the glamsters not only with their wardrobe, but with such songs as the
one featured here, “Crazy Without You.”

GB11 (part 2 feat. Pharoah interview, Frank C. Starr)

Part 2 of GB11

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In this second half of the ‘cast, Glambone serves up an interview with Pharoah. Hot on their heels of releasing their 1st CD/digital download, that includes their original “First Strike” ep along with other gems, the guys stopped in to talk about the past, the future and everything in between.
Do yourself a favor and pick up or download this must have recording.

We also spotlight a track from NY band Alien (pictured right), circa 1983. They also released an EP back in the day. See if you can pick out the Mick Mars “On With The Show” lick on their “Don’t Say Goodbye” tune here.
Monster glam looking vocalist Frank C. Starr was the frontman, later he’d team up with Rik Fox in the band Sin, and then The Four Horseman, before tragically leaving planet earth due to a motorcycle wreck.

It’s another Doucheband of the Month installment. This time there’s no competition. Show & Tell released one record titled “Overnight Sensation,” it sucked when it came out in the
80’s, it’s even more atrocious to bare a listen to today.

lick my bone.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GB10 (The Double O Zeros, 28if, Vain)

Into the early 90’s the lipstick went stale and the hairspray was mainly used to kills bugs by torching them on fire. But most 80’s glamsters
refused to part with their Clinique products, while some tried to unsuccessfully jump on whatever current bandwagon was trailing their
way. Jonathan Daniel prefered the later. Sometime after Electric Angels, he put together a side project known as The BelAirs. We take a listen on GB10 to the track “Tattooed Angel From Punk Rock Heaven.”

When talking about the wave of glam punk bands that emerged since the 80’s on into the present, those who don’t give credit to Sammy Serious are just a bunch of douchebags. The man is a cult hero. End of story. Thankfully he’s released his own CD compilations of past material while still recording and putting out the new stuff. “Famous," a track from the early Double O’ Zeros days has been remastered and can be found now to order or download online. A two and a half minute slab of wonderously witty and immediately ear-catching melody that would certainly get approval from Elvis Costello and a wink from above by Joey Ramone.

Times Square was a band from Phoenix, Arizona. And although they were the big fish in the little pond back home, selling out the clubs and landing some national press, had they moved to L.A. when bands like
Poison were settling in, their story may have been a different one. They looked better than anyone...especially guitarist Shannon who was known to slick back and grease one side of his hair in tribute to his idol Elvis Presley. Times Square had a different approach. A sleaze factor with a slinkyness that would’ve made the first Faster Pussycat record seem like a welfare case.

At the end of the 90’s Tommy Thayer still at crossroads between being Gene’s gopher and being his own boss, formed his own record label and released the band 28if (pictured right). Produced by Tommy, we feature the track

The podcast closes with an unreleased track from Vain. Before the release of their debut “No Respect,” the song “Far Away” from their demo shows yet another glimpse of a band that put their stamp on their own sound in offering up more than just one side of their style.
They didn’t keep it up though... each record afterward seems to have been more disoriented than the next... to the point of not even knowing how many records they’ve put out total now. They were holding all the aces at one point maybe yeah, but they went with a royal flush down the toilet since then.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

GB9 (Mark Slaughter, Rozzi Lane, Semi Precious Weapons)

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The hot August nights, and summer days continue with roses in bloom and lipstick red kisses. Kicking off the podcast this month with Roz Parade. The band (pictured right) was Mark Slaughter’s effort after 2 self-released licorice pizzas by Xcursion. The demo by Roz Parade saw Mark and his
group taking a close look at what was going on a few hours away in L.A. and applying that to the dead end desert scene of Las Vegas. Legend has it that it was this demo featuring the track spotlighted here “In Your Dreams” that found its way into the hands of Dana Strum, who wanted Mark for the Vinnie Vincent Invasion before Robert
Fleishman got on board. But apparently there was no contact info on
the tape Mark had circulated, but somehow miraculously they

crossed paths again. Yeah, sure.

It’s a fight to the finish to see who reigns supreme in being the biggest doucheband of the month. Rozzi Lane (left) vs. Syanide Kick (right).

Steevi Jaimz is back with an all new release called My Private Hell. He’s enlisted a team of Swede’s to produce the record. “Don’t Say It’s
Over” offers up a crisp guitar driven onslaught and ABBA-esque background vocal assault.
Take a flashback to the DJ DJ Battle Of The Bands, an L.A. only experience during the late 80’s. But don’t ask me for movie tickets cuz you aint gonna get shit.

Before Darling Cruel lost their cool, there was Gregory Darling on the L.A. scene in 1984 then known as Greg Clewley. His band Antix (pictured with chicks) put out an EP produced by Don Dokken and mr. sideman Jeff Pilson. “Days Gone By” shows just how great of a rock singer he is, or would’ve been,
had he stayed MET’TAIL!!!!!!
1987 saw yet another indie released EP by a pack of L.A. glamsters. Tramp was a band that couldn’t get a decent gig to save their
They did the right thing by putting out “A Nite Out,” but instead of
trying to make a buck with it, they shoulda strickly just handed out copies instead of flyers to get people to come out to the shows.

People like free shit.

Keeping glam alive is a band from NYC called Semi Precious Weapons (pictured right).
If you take other New York glam like Fischerspooner and toss it together with Hedwig & The Angry Inch, then you’ll get an idea of what
these guys are about. Androgeny, bi-friendly, and amped up rock n rollas.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

GB8 Summit (Desmond Child, Dogtown Balladeers, Pair A Dice)

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With icons dropping like flies, peoples faith has been shaken up this summer. And with the face of rock n roll changing in the mid 90’s, Tommy Thayer was caught somewhere between Harlow and a bad place. Wait a sec, Harlow was the bad place... nevermind. He did however forge ahead with a band called Shake The Faith, recording one CD together with the band and playing The Key Club in Hollywood regularly as if it was
Gazzarri’s. We take a listen to the track “Crazy Jane.”

The award for biggest doucheband of the month goes to Mariah (pictured right)... not because “Carey” doesn’t follow their first name, but just for the sheer fact that they deserve this trophy.
Hell, Retrospect Records somehow thought they were worthy of not 1, not 2, but 3 different releases on their label. We examine the song “Jamie (Don’t Take Your Love Town),” co-written by Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora to find that after the guitar solo you can almost sense that they wanted to reenact the same break down of Bon Jovi’s “Blood On Blood,” but somehow spared the listener of the whole “Danny he’s a medicine man” rap.
Glambone brings you an exclusive unreleased version of Aerosmith’s “Angel” performed in it’s entirety by the song’s co-writer Desmond Child (pic below).

A few

episodes back we uncovered Agent X. Former guitar player Billy DVette from that band went on to form Pair A Dice. In the heydey of the last 3 years of the 80’s, Pair A Dice were serious contenders. As with Tuff, Pair A Dice was one of the few that consistently sold
out their shows. The band looked like a baby-Warrant, complete with “side to side, now turn” choreography. Pair A Dice (pic right) has reformed to some extent, and can be seen this summer at the Rocklahoma fest.
The podcast closes with a New York City band that grimes it out St. Marks Place style, raiding Trash On Vaudeville to pick up their leather, frilly shirts & vests to capture that British-esque appeal. Take a listen to The Dogtown Balladeers, people like Sammi Yaffa and

Dean Davidson couldn’t help stay away and offer their studio experience to the mix. “Days Of Wine & Roses” though is a song that really needed Jim Creagan at the helm.

Glam, to the bone!

Monday, June 1, 2009

GB7 Summer episode (Aeriel Stiles, Taz, Joey C. Jones)

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In the words of Alice, “School’s Out,” it’s party time, summertime, and we kick it off
with a glam stomper from Taz. “She Does Bad Things Good” shows these L.A. boys
frolicking through their make-up case to give us a strip club anthem, 1987 style.
Tropicana’s where I lost my heart, but it’s also where Taz would later loose their
glitter for denim, and would later sport a more street appeal when they released the
Japanese cd “Cold Shoulder.” Even their logo looked cool & glam back then before

Don’t forget to tip generously now, if you’re looking for a little Easy Action.
Spotlight on the track “We Go Rocking,” the song that was at the center of controversy
once the cat dragged it in.

Having two lead singers in the same band wasn’t common ground for glam bands at
the time. In 1988 the band The Brats had the right idea of doing something a lil bit
different. An approach that worked for their harmony-infused poppyness. But after
less than a year of monthly gigs without reaching headline status, they under went a
change by ditching one of the singers and revamping themselves as a more darker
goth inspired outfit.

YouTube has videos of Crue’s early Starwood performances floating around. But they failed to include one of the highlights from their set from back in the day. Glambone brings you thier live cover of the Rasberries classic “Tonight,” from the Starwood.

Most glamsters know the name Joey C. Jones (pictured here in all his crimped hair glory) from the band Sweet Savage. Not much is known about the band he put together once he left L.A. to return to Texas at the start of the 90’s. Shock Tu was the name, and we uncover one of the
gems from that period in the form of “Late Last Evening.”

The show closes where summer begins. Aeriel Stiles (pictured here with Flying V) gives us the track “Summer Love.” A song from his catalog when he was writing for Pretty Boy Floyd.

Until next time, make sure your lipgloss has sunblock spf 90.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Glambone # Sixx (Tomorrow's Child, Cathouse)

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Six-pack of Glambone for ya, we start the show with the band Agent X.  In 1986 these guys came on the L.A. scene with th
e right mix of catchy hooks and great musicianship.
Featuring members Danny Simon who would later front Jailhouse, and Billy DeVette who went on to join Pair A Dice.  Agent X (pictured here) was better than most that year, but sadly could not keep it together.  The song spotlighted on the podcast is “Rock & Roll Angels.”
Following Agent X in the line of bands that should’ve got on to kick arse and elevate out

of the L.A. gutter was Cathouse.  A frontman in Clark James, possessing all the attitude and sexual swagger of Ian Astbury and Michael Hutchence all  rolled into one...sadly he would fall victim to the dope and not recover to earth.  “Candice” is the type of cinematic song that in a time filled with the same redundant G C D chord structured ballads, Cathouse was capable of writing sentimental songs that differed from the expected.

Next up in the “coulda been huge” category is Tomorrow’s Child.  There really were no other L.A. bands during the mid to late 80
’s that resembled the sound of TC.  They had
class and a style more akin to
 The Church and bands of that nature, than anything to 
do with the bands they shared
gigs with.  Their singer Adam was explosive on stage, commanding your attention and controlling the mood and intensity of the crowd. Swallowed up by the label execs that didn’t no squat about how to present a band like Tomorrow's Child (pictured left), they faltered like many have before and after them, due to the wrong people getting involved, and were over before they even be


We shine some light on another L.A. band from the same era known as Clara Bow (pictured right). Sleazy guitars and sing along chorus’ was what these guys were all about.  But they were gone faster than you could say Rocknee.
The podcast closes with yet another namestay on the L.A. scene circa 1980’s... the band Actress.  They put the glam in Glam, and wore it proudly as good showman 
do. The track featured is from an AOL fan compilation disc titled “Music From The Folder”
that paid tribute to their faves, Kiss.  Guitarist Ace Steele revs up a rendition of the
“Hotter Than Hell” classic “Got 2 Choose.”  
Pout hard.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GB5 (Roxanne, Whyte Lace)

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Kicking off with a track from the L.A. band Roxanne. These guys released one album on the defunct Scotti Bros. label, and garnered much west coast airplay for their cover
of the Wild Cherry classic “Play That Funky Music.” The record can now be found on
iTunes. Vocalist for the band, Jamie Brown now runs a talent agency that is responsible
for bringing the cover bands of Boogie Nights and Metal Shop to Vegas revues and beyond.

If you blinked your eyes for a second in the beginning of the 90’s, chances are you went on by without noticing Snarlin’ Darlin’. The band featuring Cody (“let me think of a teen icon name as cool as Leif Garrett”) Jarrett as frontman, hired Chip Z’Nuff to helm the production. The track featured is “Doncha Come Round Here No More,” co-written by Doll/Pretty Boy Floyd main man Aeriel Stills. Apparently Cody (pictured left) has tried his hand at directing low budget films since then, with the arrival of Frog-g-g. Just look up the reviews online for it and one can sense that Scorsese is in no danger of losing his throne.

Let the ceremony begin as we give out the award this month to the biggest doucheband. This time Whyte Lace are the champions. Daddy’s money couldn’t buy them a record contract, but it did rent out their hometown’s ampitheatre to fly out record company execs from all the majors to witness them in action. Ulitmately the singer Jayce Tyner lost interest in the rock n roll lifestyle when his girlfriend got knocked up,
thus leaving Whyte Lace (pictured right) to unravel, despite national press that was buzzing their name.

We uncover an unreleased track from ex-Britny Fox man Dean Davidson. “Isn’t It Wrong” shows him trading in his Tom Keifer screech for the swagger of John Mellencamp.

The late 80’s L.A. scene saw lots of pretty boys still, but a group know as Moxxy Roxx (pictured here) was dead set on separating themselves from that crowd. With more of an underground
tone, and more in common with Coconut Teazer than Garrarri’s, these guys looked like
hippies that raided a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screening. Had they decided that L.A. was not the place to be, these guys could’ve easily been part of the alternative movement that was about to break through with bands like Smashing Pumpkins, etc. A few short years later. But no, people from Conneticut still thought Hollywood was where it was at. Pity.

Closing it out with a track from a UK band known as Gypsy Pistoleros. And yes, they do
sing in Spanish. These el mariachi’s will be performing at Rocklahoma this summer...
Line up your shots of tequila and cheers.