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Monday, February 15, 2010

GB16 (Vince Votel interview, The Lawyers, Saigon Saloon)

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GB16 welcomes former Ruby Slippers/Spiders & Snakes bass player Vince Votel (pictured live with Ruby Slippers and Street Angel promo shot) 
to the studio for an exclusive interview.  While today he spends his time on ice playing hockey for the San Diego Bruins, he sets the story straight on KV’s notorious bustier wearing antics, and recounts the days of teaming up with L.A. legend Lizzie Grey.  “Originally he just asked if he could borrow my bass, and not really my bass playing, but I ended up being his bass player for many many years,” quips Vince.  Hear the entire interview on the podcast for more rock n roll tales.

The episode kicks off with The Lawyers (pictured below).  A band from the late 70’s that featured pre-Wasp/LA Guns drummer Steve Riley, and Randy Rand pre-Autograph on bass.  The band released one record, and at the time of recording The Lawyers also featured guitar player Jeff Lebansky, who later went on to 28if (as featured on GB10).
We take a listen to the track “I Don’t Need Nobody” from the hard to
find debut.

From the New England scene comes a band from the mid 90’s called
Ill Starred.  Sounding like they wore out their vinyl copy of “Whatever
Happened To Fun.” 

What episode would be complete without an installment of Glambone’s
infamous “Doucheband of the Month” segment?  We listen as 2 bands
battle it out this show.  Find out who’s crap reigns supreme.

Closing with a track from L.A. street glamsters Saigon Saloon (pictured above).  It doesn’t get any glammer than having a guy in the band named Scarlet
Rowe.  Saigon Saloon’s sound was more rooted in The Faces, and the
Dolls, as evident on “Damn This Heartache.”  In keeping with the tradition of Motley by posing with naked bimbos in porn mags while trying to survive on the L.A. scene, for all you fanatic collectors out there - Saigon Saloon can be seen in the December 1989 issue of Hustler with Christy Canyon on the cover, in a 3 page “spread” displaying the backstage shenanigans of their aftershow activities.
Now that’s rock n roll.  I bet some of you are looking for the back-issue
as you read this.

Lick my BONE!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Doucheband Extravaganza!

Is Axatak a doucheband?  We know Hans Naughty is.  Download the
special extravaganza episode at and
find out who's at the top of the list!