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Friday, July 1, 2011

GB28 (Tom Werman interview, Myki Lash, Lizzie Grey's Roxy Roller)

“Blessed undercover...blew the world to bits.”  That was the tagline for Ruby Rockets, an L.A. band that was a lil too late on the scene, catching the tail end of the glam days along side Swingin’ Thing and Big Bang Babies.  Ruby Rockets’ image was more on the darker side of
glam, a tinge of goth, kinda like the 2nd incarnation of fellow LA-sters The Brats.
It was only after the demise of Ruby Rockets that singer Myki Lash would try a more pop approach.  Can you blame him for nickin’ part of the title of Lions & Ghosts debut for his own song?  Well... anyhow...
his tune “Velvet Kisses” comes off more like the Soupdragons than anything else, and that isn’t neccessarly a good thing.

How many Tom Werman records are in your collection?  I’m willing to bet you have a handful.  Tom produced what are now considered classic rock albums by Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Poison, Ted Nugent, and a whole slew of others.
I phone him up at his boutique Bed & Breakfast in Mass for a good chat.  While he’s traded in his analog tapes in for linens & things, Tom definitely sheds light on what those legendary recording sessions were like and what he actually thinks of the Steve Albini produced version of his Cheap Trick “In Color” record that’s been floating around the net.
We’ll also hear his thoughts on “Dr. Feelgood,” the Crue record that followed his consecutive 3 Motley releases.

Sometime after the Nikki Sixx incarnation of London, Lizzie Grey put together a band called Roxy Roller with Leslie Knauer, who later went on to Precious Metal.  Taking it’s name obviously from the Nick Gilder song, Roxy Roller had plenty of pop sensibility.  “Ups & Downs” shows off cool character and catchyness... after hearing this track, it would certainly have been interesting to see just what else the band would’ve come up with... but no, Lizzie had to go all METAL and find Nadir for what, a 4th version of London?!  

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