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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

GB8 Summit (Desmond Child, Dogtown Balladeers, Pair A Dice)

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With icons dropping like flies, peoples faith has been shaken up this summer. And with the face of rock n roll changing in the mid 90’s, Tommy Thayer was caught somewhere between Harlow and a bad place. Wait a sec, Harlow was the bad place... nevermind. He did however forge ahead with a band called Shake The Faith, recording one CD together with the band and playing The Key Club in Hollywood regularly as if it was
Gazzarri’s. We take a listen to the track “Crazy Jane.”

The award for biggest doucheband of the month goes to Mariah (pictured right)... not because “Carey” doesn’t follow their first name, but just for the sheer fact that they deserve this trophy.
Hell, Retrospect Records somehow thought they were worthy of not 1, not 2, but 3 different releases on their label. We examine the song “Jamie (Don’t Take Your Love Town),” co-written by Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora to find that after the guitar solo you can almost sense that they wanted to reenact the same break down of Bon Jovi’s “Blood On Blood,” but somehow spared the listener of the whole “Danny he’s a medicine man” rap.
Glambone brings you an exclusive unreleased version of Aerosmith’s “Angel” performed in it’s entirety by the song’s co-writer Desmond Child (pic below).

A few

episodes back we uncovered Agent X. Former guitar player Billy DVette from that band went on to form Pair A Dice. In the heydey of the last 3 years of the 80’s, Pair A Dice were serious contenders. As with Tuff, Pair A Dice was one of the few that consistently sold
out their shows. The band looked like a baby-Warrant, complete with “side to side, now turn” choreography. Pair A Dice (pic right) has reformed to some extent, and can be seen this summer at the Rocklahoma fest.
The podcast closes with a New York City band that grimes it out St. Marks Place style, raiding Trash On Vaudeville to pick up their leather, frilly shirts & vests to capture that British-esque appeal. Take a listen to The Dogtown Balladeers, people like Sammi Yaffa and

Dean Davidson couldn’t help stay away and offer their studio experience to the mix. “Days Of Wine & Roses” though is a song that really needed Jim Creagan at the helm.

Glam, to the bone!