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Monday, December 1, 2008

Podcast #1 of Glambone

Podcast #1 of Glambone is now online for your ear pierced hoop ring loving pretties.
You can hear it now at:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Intro/part 2

With bass player turn guitar player Aeriel Stiles on board the Kery Doll-->
line up, Doll had a catalog of songs that combined rawness with pop sensibility. These songs would later surface on a debut record by the band Pretty Boy Floyd, who put their anthem stamp on these classics, but
shunned writer Stiles from receiving any album credit that would later result in the first of additional lawsuits that plagued PBF, also including the legal rights to the band name which was registered already to a Canadian outfit.

We visit "Restless" from the Floyd pre-album demo that featured the original 4 some.

Journey to Sherman Way with a flashback to the Country Club in Reseda for a sold out show with Poison. Bret proving his raps were worthy of competing with the likes of David Lee Roth and
Paul Stanley even back then before setting foot on arena stages.

The podcast closes with Plain Jane, Jani Lane & Steven Sweet's pre-Warrant band. Songwise,
Plain Jane had many gems such as "Rock Me" "Heartbreak City" that if smart should've seen the light on Warrant records, or even revised now for future projects. Lord knows Jani needs all the help he can get now. isn't quite cutting it.

Until next time my pretties....

Intro/part 1 (Blackie Lawless, Pretty Boy Floyd)

Hello my pretties ;) 
Glambone here, your mantron rebel, sprinkling glorious doses of ear delights.

We start December off with our first Glambone Podcast for you to salivate over.
In this episode we take a ride on the glitter carousel long before stumbling upon the sawblade cup piece, we have Blackie Lawless' post-Sister band, Circus Circus.

Following is an L.A. band called Circus. Notorious for living off daddy's money and could always be seen driving their Corvettes down the sunset strip. 1991 saw the debut of this band on the scene, where they took out full page ads in every local music rag promoting thier ill-attended
shows.  Pictured to your left is lead singer Tanzel, who's voice is rather uncanny to Dean Davidson of Britney Fox.

Next up is Kery Doll. After his stint with power pop group Rise, Kery remake/remodeled himself as the shock rock king of LA glam rock circa '83/'84.  Seeing that the hard edge of Crue and Wasp is what fancied everyone at the time, Kery would make hand made explosives and flashpots for his ultimate stage show, complete with him arriving in a casket.  Years later knock off bands like Fatal Attraction, and Halloween would try similar approaches, taking a page out of the Kery Doll book.