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Monday, June 1, 2015

GBJUNE2015 - Simon Daniels interview

Simon Daniels lost his mind in Brazil, long before he moved to America.  But the voice not only in his head has guided him, the voice in his throat very well has as well.  His journey to most of you that know of Simon begins in Los Angeles.  Forming the band Agent X, with guitarist Billy DeVette, they had the hooks and looks that quickly attracted music madman Kim Fowley into their circle.  He would produce a 5 song demo of the band, and as we find out here, was influencial in convincing them to turn their best tune into an anthem for the young, he named it “Rock N Roll Angels.”
Agent X however would find themselves on a hard road to heaven.  Simon soon after rebounded with Jailhouse.  The band looked and sounded great as a 4-piece, but when Rough Cutt approached him after Paul Shortino left the fold, it was Simon who suggested 3/5 of Rough Cutt merge with him and guitarist Michael Raphael and adopt the name Jailhouse, thus giving both bands a new lease on life. 
I witnessed Jailhouse at one of their headling Country Club shows way back when, and the impression has stayed.  They were solid.  Simon proved to be a bonafide frontman, rockstar in the making.
Subsequent bands later, Simon has signed in with Autograph, taking over the reins of Steve Plunkett, and going strong for the past couple of years now.  What appears to be non-stop touring, listen/download this podcast episode here and hear Simon talk about past, present, future plans.  And leave it to Glambone to throw in a special treat once again.