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Sunday, October 10, 2010

GB21 (Scott Lipps interview, Lions & Ghosts)

21 to “officially” get your drink on, 21 for a winning hand in blackjack, how ‘bout GB21 for a hairspray superhold to satisfy your tease n’ please needs?  Yeah, I thought you’d concur.  

The neon was aglow on the crest of the millenium in Las Vegas, years
before bands from the casino cesspool would surface with their Nord’s and neckties, there stood Kenward Cooper.  Much in the way how Nancy Boy was poised for a revival, Cooper (pictured above) was dropping hints of 80’s before it became the norm from ’04 to present.
“Don’t Get Emotional” off his 2001 debut cd is a saccharin sweet glam pop confection that mixes Suede with The Cars.  

What if Jimmy Thrill went on to be the next Hugh Hefner, or Brent Muscat went on to become a restaurateur ala Eric Ripert?  Ok, maybe
not Brent, but maybe Keri Kelli if we were talking about sushi bar franchises.  One L.A. rocker did just that, reinvented himself.  
Scott Lipps was the drummer of Black Cherry.  The band that featured
original LA Guns singer Paul Black.  He would flyer the streets with the best of ‘em, promoting his gigs, schlepping his drums around, living and breathing rock ‘n roll.  10 years ago, after stints with working at record labels, Scott upped the ante and started his own modeling agency.  Today, One Management represents a bevy of top models like Bar Refaeli to Claudia Schiffer and is a household name in the industry.

Lots of recollections about the early days here... we also find out who his all time top faves are in music, models, and fashion.  “John Varvatos.  John is more knowledgeable about music than I’d say 98 percent of the musicians I’ve met.”

We also spotlight one of the bands Scott manages, in the form of Arckid, (pictured here) featuring Royston Langdon (ex-Spacehog) on vocals.
A cool hooky guitar driven tune that’ll get you yearning to breakout the “Chinese Album” all over again.  

When “Velvet Kiss Lick Of The Lime” by Lions & Ghosts was released in
1987, if you had good ears then you immediately noticed something different about this band.  A certain sophistication that separated them from their Hollywood neighbors.  The songs had class.  Sure, Tony Visconti laid some magical string arrangements down on the record.
But as we hear on the demo track of “Man In A Car” that we uncovered from ’85, that happy-go-lucky violin melody was already in place.  

After the second record when L&G split, guitarist Michael Lockwood put together a more powerpop outfit called Wink.  The band had a great live energy about them, that of which is captured even on their studio
demos.  We close the podcast with “How Can I Tell You Goodbye.”

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