GB21 by glambone

Thursday, July 1, 2010

GB19 (Keith Varady, China, Plain Jane)

Sparks fly in July with GB19.  Two for Tuesday, or Thursday, er... whichever day you’re not hungover enough to put your earbuds in and indulge in the mascara and rouge goodness of Glambone.  Get your download here.
The ‘cast lights it up first with 2 songs of the same name, but different.  China (pictured above) was a band on the L.A. scene once known as Barbie.
They had a healthy dose of sleaze in their presence, and as evident on
their song “Heartbreak City” a bit of The Cult stylings in their favor too.  Sadly they drifted to other projects, with guitarist Jim Torgeson forming Virgin with Riki Rachtman, and Clark James moving on to Cathouse, before smack would get the best of him.

Plain Jane would’ve been a far cooler band than Warrant had they hit.  Hell, they were.  Jani crafted a sing-along summer type of song with his “Heartbreak City.”   The great part of this song is the bridge, which takes on a more darker tone, like from day to night.  Jani, try ressurecting your old Plain Jane tunes, it’s a hell of a lot better than anything you’ve done in the last 20 something years.
One of Gazzarri’s mainstays finds themselves reaching for the trophy in this show’s “Doucheband of the Month” in the form of Brunette.  Find out who their opponent is in this face-off.

Kings of L.A.’s glam scene in the 80’s - Keith Varady of Ruby Slippers fame drops by the studio for an exclusive interview.
We chat with him about everything from the infamous “cleavage” pic to his metamorphosis into becoming a film maker, and his most recent movie Tenderloin.

Speaking of Ruby Slippers, it’s more than suitable to play a lil something by Michael Arden’s post-Slippers band Mon Cheri.

Serious Pleasure was another L.A. band from the mid to late 80’s.  With their sound leaning toward the funk/pop hybrid of Dan Reed Network and Darling Cruel. 

Git'cha bone on!