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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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Sunday, November 1, 2009

GB12 (Dear Mr. President, Sparkler, Roxie 77)

From the confetti remains of Bang Bang, things got a whole lot more serious and interesting when singer Julian Raymond and CJ DeVillar left behind the poundcake and Juno’s and upped the ante by actually writing songs with substance instead of following trends.  Bang Bang was fluff.  Dear Mr. President was not.  From the opening lines of “Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested?” off thier debut, one could sense that this was not the same ol’ same ol’.  But in the classic case of label execs not knowing how to market a band like DMP (pictured above) back then, they simply were lost in the roster to the likes of Winger.  A great second album was recorded (produced by Mike Clink of “Appetite For Destruction” fame) that obviously never saw the light of day.
From that unreleased recording, the podcast offers up “Love Is Sounding Louder.”  Dear Mr. President was CHANGE we can believe in.

Lions & Ghosts were one of the unsung heroes of the mid 80’s L.A. scene.  Noted for the sophistication of their debut record that separated them from the pack of bands that rooted themselves in that BC Rich/Marshall sound, Lions & Ghosts opted for a more cleaner and
classier approach.  This quality stayed true when singer Rick Parker ventured out on his own and put together his next band, Sparkler.
They released one record in the 90’s... from that, we spotlight the track “I’ll Keep You Warm.”

It’s a hands down no contest as we look at this shows Doucheband of the Month, featuring Dagger (pictured here).

Shane, formerly of Electric Angels and The Loveless, sometime in the 90’s put together his own project which he called Blue Movie.  The tracks represent the singer settling comfortably into a more polished and refined sound.  A style that suited him wondrously.  A shame that nothing resulted from this recording, it remains unreleased.

It’s another installment of “Gem of the Month.”  Our featured guest this time around is the UK’s very own glam authority, Kelv Hellrazer (pictured with John Lennon specs).  He brings to us a track by the band Johnny & The Jaguars.

Another Electric Angels alumni finds his way on to the ‘cast.   Ryan Roxie’s band Roxie 77 recently released their latest, titled “Two Sides To Every Story.”  It’s the kinda record that has something for everyone on it.  “This Year” is a crisp English influenced modern pop tune.

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