GB21 by glambone

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Look what glam dragged in. GB returns with an all new holiday episode, so unwrap this present for some surprises. We start off with the art-glam stylings of David Devant & His Spirit Wife. Circa 1996, when Suede was coming up through the trash, My Life Story were getting suited and booted, and Nancy Boy checked into the deep sleep motel. "Cookie" savors Roxy here, for your pleasure and mine.
Rewind 8 years prior to the Sunset Strip as we unearth the band SOHO. They formerly went by the name of Radio City, guess they loved NYC, and rightfully so. The band delivered their demo to me at the time, containing only two songs - "Backstreet Lover" and a gem of a ballad that you'll hear now called "Captured." Not much else is known. Maybe they changed their name to Tribeca.
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