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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016


It seems like Jean Beauvoir has seen and done it all.  An integral part of New York City’s rich music history of the 70’s with The Plasmatics.  One thing he’s most proud as he reflects on that band is “we transcended genre, transcended color, being a black bass player with a blonde mohawk in a band where things were really segregated for one thing I think was an important point of The Plasmatics.  When people left the show, it was something they’d never forget.” 
Then he goes solo with Drums Along The Mohawk, which might’ve thrown his fans for a loop, but clearly proved he had ambitions beyond punk.  “This thing of black artists only doing R&B, I didn’t believe in that.  Even the blonde mohawk kind of played this racelessness opinion that I had in something I wanted to portray,” he says.  Soon after,
bands like King’s X, Living Color, Dan Reed Network all emerged.  Jean believes he helped pave that road.
Find out the details of how his collaborations with Paul Stanley came to be.  Songwriting still at the core of Jean’s work, recently reaching a #1 last year on Billboard’s world chart with Korean recording artist Jonghyun.
Hear what else is in store for him in this info packed interview.  Download it here.