GB21 by glambone

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Stevie Rachelle got his share of flak back in the day, “oh he’s just a Bret-wannabe” they would say, or that Tuff were a bunch of Poison clones.  But he always put his fist first, and never gave up.  His story is about finding a way to make what you do work.  When his style of rock wasn’t in vogue and magazines didn’t want to give him press anymore, what did he do...he thought of a way to generate his own public soundboard, and invented Metal Sludge, a website that became a community long before social media became the norm.  We discuss that and more in this interview.  When I think back, the band was always savvy in presenting themselves, whether it be hiring the best photographers of the time, or being entertaining with their telephone hotline messages, Tuff stood out among the rest.  They were dedicated.  Stevie tells us about the days of flyering the streets of L.A. from 3am til the sun came up.  The infamous Tuff Muff Mansion.  Organizing their own tours, all before the label deal came along.  He also voices out on his contemporaries or competition from the Sunset Strip era.  It’s all here in this podcast episode.


Rock me till I burn...TO THE BONE!