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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year in Review

GB18 featured the Biters from Altanta, GA.  The band released 2 worthy EP’s in 2010, or perhaps they are both intended to make for one complete record.  Either way, it was a smart move to get the music out there.  The first half featured the instantly catchy “Hang Around” along with a couple other gems.  Months later came the second half, leading off with “Melody For Lovers,” a tune that sits perfectly in the Biters repertoire of Orange-amped electrifying guitars with punky attitude vocal delivery, wrapping that around radioactive melodies.  Go here for more on this gang.

On GB19 we had an exclusive interview with Keith Varady.  He’s traded in his guitar for a camera, and working steadily on building his resume of own film projects.  Tenderloin, his recent flic has undergone a name change since we last spoke.  Now titled Scabbo.  The movie takes you through the skid row area of San Fran, where Hepburn (played by Michael Quinn ), a transvestite with a love for the drugs
befriends his crack addicted neighbor and murders him.  He is haunted by the ghost, interrogated, but through lies and deceit the crime is thrown out the window.  The DVD will be available for purchase through KV’s website, coming soon.

We turned you on to Kenward Cooper in GB21.  He’s got a project called This Episode, which Rick Parker of Lions & Ghosts fame is producing.  You can be involved in the making of this record by going here.

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