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Thursday, October 1, 2009

GB11 (part 2 feat. Pharoah interview, Frank C. Starr)

Part 2 of GB11

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In this second half of the ‘cast, Glambone serves up an interview with Pharoah. Hot on their heels of releasing their 1st CD/digital download, that includes their original “First Strike” ep along with other gems, the guys stopped in to talk about the past, the future and everything in between.
Do yourself a favor and pick up or download this must have recording.

We also spotlight a track from NY band Alien (pictured right), circa 1983. They also released an EP back in the day. See if you can pick out the Mick Mars “On With The Show” lick on their “Don’t Say Goodbye” tune here.
Monster glam looking vocalist Frank C. Starr was the frontman, later he’d team up with Rik Fox in the band Sin, and then The Four Horseman, before tragically leaving planet earth due to a motorcycle wreck.

It’s another Doucheband of the Month installment. This time there’s no competition. Show & Tell released one record titled “Overnight Sensation,” it sucked when it came out in the
80’s, it’s even more atrocious to bare a listen to today.

lick my bone.


Anonymous said...

Another awesome blog, G.B. !
Where the hell did you find the "Kid Rocker" stuff? I haven't heard that in years! And it's good to hear Wolfgang & maybe introduce them to those that don't know. Keep it glam, keep it sleazy! Rock on, ACE

Anonymous said...

Show & Tell is just amazing!!!and it's pure Heavy Metal