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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Podcast 2 cont.

I myself can remember as a kid still in elementary school going to the
record store with a friend over the weekend and seeing the stack of
new arrivals. With only enough cash in pocket to buy one record, I
picked up the Snatch EP only to find my friend caught somewhere
between hysterics and horror. “You’re not gonna buy that, look at
them!” I opted for Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” instead. And from
that day on, never saw the record in stock anywhere again, but more
importantly never listened to outside opinions in swaying my
decisions either, especially when it came to what to listen to. You
wont find a copy of “Master Of Puppets” on Ebay for a hundred bucks,
I’ll tell you that. And thankfully I’m not here interviewing Lars about
how much his modern art collection fetched at Sotheby’s or whatever
other garbage that spews from his mouth.

So let’s continue on as we take a look at the post-Snatch band,
Gypsy. In 1987 the guys (minus Petey) forged ahead with a new
singer and packed it up to move to L.A. The featured song on the
podcast is “I’ll Never Let You Cry.”

As we learn ex-Snatch/Gypsy guitar player Paul Reeves now fronts
the country duo, Fanny Grace (pictured to your right).

Gazzarri’s answer to Joey Tempest/John Norum’s Europe finds us
checking out a track from L.A.’s New Haven. From 1988, closing the
show with “Can’t Let You Walk Away.”

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Unknown said...

Hey from Russia! Thank you for the information on Snatch! But I got a question: where can I find that Gypsy song I’ll Never Let You Cry or any other material from them? Please e-mail me to: ! Thx!