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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SXSW 2011

SXSW belonged to the Biters this year.  An early eve gig at the Aquarium on 6th St kicked it off with guns blazing.  The stage was no more than 4x4, how they managed not to take each others eyes out with the guitar’s headstock is sheer amazement.  Let me just say the band killed it.  Leashing into “Hang Around,” it was nonstop energy from the start of the set to the end of the set.  With the stage positioned right at the club’s entrance and about 2 feet from the bar, Biters had a room full of rock hungry maniacs squished together like sardines, all clamoring to witness what we’ve known for almost a year now...that this band could very well be the saving grace for real rock ‘n roll, how it was meant to be done.  No artsy BS, no hipster attitude, just loud, catchy, dirty, anthemic goodness from skinny tatted up dudes that makes you remember how rock ‘n roll was very much like being in a gang.  The band’s vocalist - Tuk, has the gift.  Girls wanna bed him, boys wanna be him.  I literally witnessed girls handing them their phone numbers afterwards and offering them a place to stay during their visit.  The excitement Biters generate
is undeniable.

Later that night, Biters were off to do their second show, a mere  2 and a half hours after the Aquarium.  This time at Scoot Inn, on the further east side outskirts of the city.  With an outdoor full size stage and Marshall amps behind ‘em...the band attacked with high intensity once again, and kept the momentum fueled up right to the end, closing with a cover of “Strutter.”  With their influences firmly planted in 70’s glam rock, we knew they had to have some love for Kiss, and they sure showed it, with a true to original version that sounded tailor made for the band.

Saturday, the boys did an afternoon show at Jackalope on 6th St.  Highlight’s of this set was during “Melody For Lovers” when the band segwayed directly into the chorus of The Cars “Just What I Needed.”  Serving as a morsel of fun, but also as a mindfuck to let you know where “Melody For Lovers” took a nice nick off of.

Off stage, the boys make no bones about how they’re working their asses off.  With four SX shows, that is proof right there that indeed they are... not to mention 3 ep’s, including the newly released 7 song
“All Chewed Up.”  If the big labels, or industry honchos aren’t sniffing
around this band yet, then you guys must be smelling your own stench.  Biters RULE!

Sunday was a well needed decompressor.  Jimmy Quill (aka Jimmy Thrill) threw his annual “end of SXSW bash” at his Austin ranch, Red Horse.  The lovely picturesque peaceful backdrop of his ranch served as a welcoming retreat for friends, to gather for drink, eats and RnR provided by none other than the legend, Michael Des Barres who performed a no frills good-time set, and later was joined by Keaton Simons for a lil bluesy shuffle.  The night was later turned over to a new all-girl band called Vanity Theft.  Stay tuned, you’ll be seeing ‘em pop up on Glambone real soon.  Many thanks to Jimmy for his great hospitality and South By send off.

Ride On!

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