GB21 by glambone

Sunday, February 1, 2015

GB FEB 2015 episode

First time becoming aware of Salty Dog was seeing Bret Michaels sport a button on his shirt,  yellow with black face Courier type.  In this interview, former Salty bassist Michael Hannon talks briefly about his days signing with Geffen, but we backtrack before that and continue the Kery Doll saga as Hannon reflects on memories about playing with the shock rocker in the band Doll.  It’s a no-frills/no nonsense conversation.  Get it here.

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colin hray said...

Glambone. Good to see you back!

I think this episode and also the New Year episode are down. ANy chance of re upping? ENJOYING your new stuff - the Mark Slaughter iv was a ripper !

Colin. Australia