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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GB-FALL/interview with Billy Rowe

It was Guns ‘N Roses, Poison, and Jetboy.  The Big 3.  They were leading the new wave of glam influenced rock after the previous “Big 3” Crue, Quiet Riot, Ratt opened the doors to the kingdom of hair & warpaint.  All these dudes hung out together, played shows together, competed amongst each other.  Why did one not climb as high as the other?  Billy Rowe has his thoughts about this.   As he tells us here, “fast forward 30 years later and the band is known for that mohawk.”  Was it detrimental to the band being accepted into the mainstream?  Billy sheds light on how the same people that wanted Jetboy for those reasons of being different also tried to change them.   Who could forget the image of Billy slingin’ his White Falcon over his shoulder either?  For those unaware, Mr. Rowe is the founder of his own boutique guitar company called Rock  N Roll Relics.  Prided in building and capturing the worn-in look and sound of vintage 6-strings, there’s Tele’s, Strats, and coolest of all - the Johnny Thunders TV model.  We learn more about his growing business, plans for production, as well as past and present happenings of Jetboy, right here in this podcast episode.


Glambone says... MAKE SUM NOISE!

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