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Friday, January 12, 2018

Starcrawler - Record Release at Amoeba Music 1/11/18

You know the days of stumbling across a flyer or poster of a band and thinking twice about it seem few and far between these days. It takes a lot to garner a second look,
and then again it can be so simple. It was only last week I was in Amoeba Music on
Sunset Blvd. On the way out I noticed the poster advertising their in-store performance/
record release for the week ahead. It wasn’t any impressive artwork or over the top image of the band that was displayed on that particular promotional material, but yet it was enough to have me make a mental note to look it up on my phone later that night.
I had a hunch, and I was right. Much in the same way of how as a kid I would have
certain instincts when it came to picking out records. Ironic how the members of Starcrawler appear to be kids. I’m sure they have their drivers license.
So, the first thing I actually looked up was on YouTube, their video for a song off their debut on Rough Trade titled “I Love LA.” The clip captured excitement, I like them already. All the more reason to learn a bit more. I then find out Ryan Adams produced the record. Now I like them more. I then watch a live performance, and singer Arrow de Wilde is like a crazed mix of Iggy Pop meets Alice Cooper. Now I’m sold.
I caught the band’s record release show at Amoeba this evening. The guys in the band are on stage, while some dude ushers  Arrow up the aisle like she’s just
escaped from the loony bin, straightjacket included. She’s spaztic, as is guitarist Henri Cash, who emits his own demonic expressions. Arrow however seems more possessed. And I swear she has the longest arms you’ve ever seen.
Purchase of the record came with a 7” of “I Love LA.” Another gold star for the band for having its B-side produced by Steve McDonald of Redd Kross.
Los Angeles hasn’t had a band to champion since ages ago. Its about time the city gave birth to something exciting and in your face again. Starcrawler is that.

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