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Sunday, January 1, 2012

GB29 (Lizzie Grey interview)

Glambone comes out of hibernation, the glitter chestnuts have been stored and ready for sharing.  It’s a party in Hollywood, and just having a good time as we kick off the new year with an exclusive interview with lengendary L.A. veteran Lizzie Grey.
Listen as he recounts tales of the early days at the Starwood, and meeting Nikki Sixx for the first time, describing him as a John Waite look a-like with red spikey hair.  In addition to all the heavy hitters Lizzie played with back when... “The Blackie project (London II) didn’t last long, maybe five or six months, nothing really came of it.  It was another step of London slipping down another notch.  And then when Blackie left London, whatever the reason, it wasn’t happening anymore.  So that’s when things shifted, for me anyway.  I said to Blackie ‘you’re great at being a monster, use your devil voice and do your best.’  He took my advice and Wasp was everything that was.”
Lizzie sums up his own career by saying “I gave it everything I had, and I still do.”

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