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Monday, February 13, 2012

GB30 (Doll/Aeriel Stiles & Kery Doll interview)

Hearts on fire, it’s a Valentine’s day episode of Glambone.  Bringing you an exclusive interview with Aeriel Stiles & Kery Doll from L.A.’s once upon a time star attraction, Doll.
You all know the myth, Kery jumping out of a casket, the cages, the flash bombs, Michael Hannon leaving the band, Doll’s repertoire being recorded by Pretty Boy Floyd, the lawsuits, and all that... now hear the legend.  Straight from their mouths.  Kery will tell ya what he felt about Pretty Boy Floyd, listen to the stories he spews about his other band projects from that time including Trust Jesus and Demolition Gore Galore.  Hear about the stage antic that was way over the top.  And the stuff you didn’t know, such as Kery once playing with C.C. DeVille, and auditioning for Lizzie Grey.  It’s all here, as the band celebrates it’s new CD release “Rock N Roll Freak Show,” featuring classic Doll tunes and new material, Aeriel & Kery are back in biz.  Download GB30 for free here

On a side note, those of you wanting to see Keith Varady’s movie Scabbo (of Ruby Slippers fame), as first heard about here on GB19 can now pay per view/order the film through  Click here

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Cowboy Col said...

Another worthwhile interview Glambone. You are doing a great job of capturing those halycon 80's Hollywood days with your podacst with some cool interviews from many of that periods 'unsung heroes' - guys like Lizzie Grey. Keep up the great work. I always look forward to your next show.