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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Biters, Nashville show 11/21/15 Scott Weiland tour

We're living in a time where people attending a show are either embarrassed or scared to show emotion.  Oh is it ok to clap?  I better look over my shoulder and see if anyone's looking at me.
Dude, you're at a rock show. 
The setting at City Winery is like dinner theater.  As the Biters played, opening the show on their current trek with Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts, this is what the band faced on their Saturday night show in Nashville.  Table seatings, eat your steak or scallops while trying to watch the band.
That didn't stop the Biters from ripping through their set and serving up their rock n' roll exactly how you'd expect.  Tuk, owning the frontman role, he doesn't back down from talking to the crowd, razzing them to get a reaction, it's not calculated, it's straight from the lip and in the moment.  Maybe the majority of dudes there were in their seats just to hear some STP, so be it, but what I noticed after Biters set were people hitting their merch table, and then presenting vinyl LP's at the band to grace with their autographs.   That right there is called converting.  Otherwise known as kicking ass and taking names.  As David Bowie would sing "all you've got to do is Win."

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