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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Xmas edition/Eric Stacy interview Dec 2015

They were the band Elektra didn’t expect to do well.  A #1 video on MTV (back when it meant something still), Top 40 single, countless tours with the big boys, Faster Pussycat left their mark.  But as colorful a ride as it was, Eric Stacy tells us in this interview tales of some rough patches, including how some band members had to take odd jobs after Whipped wasn’t able to supersede it’s previous release.  More importantly though, this was a band that came up during the last great days of the Sunset Strip.  Their singer opened up a night club, and the Cathouse would become as infamous as the band itself.  If you ever wondered what a night out with Taime and Co. was like at their hotspot, listen on and find out.  We also come closer to solving the ever present golden question... Taime as a blond vs. black.  Eric shares his thoughts on this and more.  Get it here


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